Is it time to upgrade your electrical system?Did you know that if your home or building is more than 30 years old, the electrical system is most likely obsolete? The reality is that many electrical systems, especially in residential buildings, were not designed for our modern electricity use. A home built 30 or more years ago is wired for 60-100 amp service. New homes today are wired for 150-200 amp service, and large homes may be wired for 400 amp service.

Why should you replace your electrical system? There are a few reasons. Number one is safety. Faulty wiring and poor electrical systems are a leading fire hazard. Older electrical systems are also dangerous for electricians. Old wires and breakers are more likely to be worn down, so the electrical current won’t flow properly. This can increase the threat of electrocution. In 2017, The Electrical Safety Foundation International reported 136 fatal injuries and 2,210 non-fatal electrical injuries among trained professionals.

A new electrical system is no small job. It requires a large investment to replace the wiring, panel box, and upgrade all of your outlets, but it’s worth it. Old electrical wires, breakers, and machinery should be replaced with the latest technology to improve efficiency and safety. New electrical improvements like Ground Fault circuit interrupters (gfCIs) are now required in outlets in kitchens and basements where there is a chance of proximity to water. This technology protects against home electrocution. This is just one of the upgrades that will increase your safety and well-being when replacing your electrical system.

Another benefit of replacing your system is that your appliances are less likely to be damaged. Modern appliances draw more power, and systems that can’t handle these requirements can cause damage. The reality is that our appliances use more power than ever before. For example, a central air conditioning unit pulls nearly 200 amps to operate. Most older homes were designed for electrical loads of 30 to 50 amps of power! You may notice that the appliances and power in your home or building are struggling with your current electrical system if you have flickering lights, tripped breakers, or can only use certain outlets for different appliances. An upgraded system will better handle the electricity load of our modern lives.

Replacing an electrical system in a building or home is no simple task. To do it properly, walls and floors will need to be opened up, all the wiring and outlets may need to be replaced, and the electrical panel will need to be upgraded. Only trained professionals should attempt to do a large job like this, and they should always have the proper permits to do the work. If you are ready to upgrade your system, choose a recommended electrical company with the renovation and upgrade experience to do the job right.