Pre-Construction Services

All new construction projects, whether big or small, begin with the pre-construction phase, and for good reason. This initial planning serves to establish the defined scope, budget, schedule, an overall constructability of the project prior to any work being done. This process is known as the design phase, which can take many forms including the variations noted below. Often overlooked, the Pre-Construction portion of the project can effectively save tens of thousands of dollars or more, as the collaboration reached while engaging industry partners and teammates formed at this juncture of the process, allows for thoroughness and completeness of the process to occur organically.


Design-Assist deviates from the traditional design development approach but it fosters a more efficient pre-construction process by allowing us to consult with the engineer and design team early on in project development. While we are not the engineer of record, we participate in the development of drawings alongside the design team, which allows us to provide insight into the cost and constructability of the project. Being engaged in the design allows us to share ideas and solutions that satisfy budgeting and schedule constraints and identify potential hurdles and inefficiencies long before they become costly change orders. Design-Assist provides for better communication throughout the project as all members of the building team fully understand the goals and priorities from the start. Design-Assist takes traditional project development to the next level with the following benefits:

  • Greater accuracy in pricing and design efficiency
  • Reduced project risk associated with undefined circumstances
  • Faster construction coordination and clearly defined phasing
  • Pre-established team relationships minimize time delays due to RFIs
  • Builds team trust, team commitment and mutual respect
  • Real-time feedback from experts in the field
  • Increased opportunity for innovation

APCO Electric has participated in many design-assist contracts over the years and we love being a part of the pre-construction conversation. Some clients have called on us specifically to assist on projects involving complex scopes because of our ability to look outside the box at innovative solutions.


Design-Build goes one step further than Design-Assist by allowing us to be a true partner and not only a collaborator. As a Design-Build partner, APCO Electric will take full responsibility and serve as a single point of contact from engineering to installation and ensure the drawings are code-compliant. We take great care in understanding your specific needs and provide you with a build plan that will suit your purpose. APCO Electric has successfully completed many design-build projects with great client satisfaction. Read what clients are saying about us

Regardless of which direction you decide to go with your project, we would love to be a part of the conversation! Let us add value with our experience and expertise in either design-assist or design-build and get your next project set up for success.

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