Specialty Services

Power Quality and Load Metering

Our services include power quality monitoring, which provides valuable information used to prevent damage and system outages. If an event has already occurred, we can provide an analysis to determine the problem source and identify solutions. Power Quality is used to evaluate the behaviors of the incoming electricity interacting with the electrical equipment and devices downstream. The information obtained can be used to identify transient voltages and currents, harmonic distortion, frequency variations, etc.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires load verification to be performed prior to adding new loads to ensure that the rating of the existing equipment will not be exceeded. Load Metering is a helpful tool used to help determine how much new power can be added to the existing electrical equipment without wasting time and money tracing back through record drawings and verifying installed conditions. Using a data logging meter, we can obtain the data necessary to analyze the amp draw at max load and assess the status and capacity of the existing equipment. We then use that data to determine if the current usage combined with the future addition will require any electrical upgrades. Let us help you stay compliant and plan for future additions using this efficient method of load verification.

Thermal Scan with Predictive/Preventive Recording

Utilizing this scope and information is extremely useful when planning on purchasing a building, obtaining insurance or reducing insurance rates, knowing when equipment will need to be replaced or refurbished as it reaches its useful lifespan.

Breaker Cleaning and Certifications

Certifying the condition of your breakers, GFCI main breakers, MDPs and Sub-MDPs, bucket switches, transformers and other equipment, can be an excellent way to extend the lifespan of your equipment and keep your repair costs down.

Motor Controllers to VFDs, XCEL Energy Rebates

Installing VFDs in place of traditional motor starters or disconnecting means can bring down your XCEL Energy or United Power Utility Bills in short order, as the demand load for those pieces of equipment upon startup and runtime change downward in a significant manner, allowing for less costs and lower utility bills, and way less initial inrush current and potential damage to the motor windings and connections.

Photometrics with LED Lighting Retrofits of Facilities

APCO Electric provides full service photometrics to give a clear footprint of the lumens available at any location on your building footprint, parking lot, warehouse, hallways and common areas, which allows you to determine your savings options. Using motion detection, photocell technology and light harvesting tools, we can install new controlling devices that are 2018 IECC Compliant, and will allow for significant savings to your utility bill each month, while still providing a perfect blend of light and proper spectrum coloration that you need in your space.