The right lighting makes all the differenceLights set the mood. More and more, we are seeing customers who want to make a statement with the lights they choose. Unique fixtures, colors and technology are becoming more popular.

Every year there are new lighting trends that we help our customers incorporate into their designs. This year three top trends have emerged in the commercial lighting world.

  • Energy efficiency: More businesses are asking for increased energy savings. Energy-efficient lighting can make a big difference to your businesses’ carbon footprint. LED lights continue to rise in popularity to meet this demand. LED lights are more energy-efficient and are cheaper to operate. Other energy efficiency trends that are getting big include motion sensors, lights that reduce energy consumption during off-hours and smart technology that gives businesses the ability to run lights remotely.
  • Natural lighting cycles: Commercial lighting has changed drastically in the past few years. Fluorescent lights just don’t cut it anymore. Tunable White is a unique lighting technology that mimics natural daylight by adjusting the color temperature of a light’s white output. The idea is to mimic the sun and keep our circadian rhythms in check. Many companies are using this technology to help their employees feel better at work.
  • A focus on health. Healthcare is at the front and center of everyone’s mind these days, even in the world of commercial lighting. The switch to LED lights, which give off less heat, is a big one in the world of healthcare. This transition can provide more stable room temperatures and increase energy efficiency and cost savings. This change isn’t only for healthcare properties, though. Many companies are investing in ambient lighting options by adding more windows, skylights and other natural light sources.
  • Cultivating the right atmosphere. Choosing the proper lighting is a massive part of designing a space. More businesses are recognizing this and being more selective with the types of lights they install. New smart technology that allows you to control color and output is making it easier than ever to custom design different lighting schemes for different effects and spaces.

These are just a few of the trends that are taking place in the lighting world this year. The major theme of this trend is an increased focus on how lighting affects us. Proper lighting is vital in the workplace. Employers are finding that the more time and consideration they put into creating a workspace that meets their employee’s needs, the more productive they will be. That’s why new technology that’s less harsh to the human eye and that mimics natural light is becoming so popular in the workplace. Try these lighting trends at your office, and see what a difference it can make!